The act of dissapearing during a crowded event such as a party or family dinner to have sex.
Hey where is Tim and Molly? Oh they are Davising in the bathroom.
by Steveo1986 December 14, 2013
To throw up in the middle of a party and make a complete dueshbag of yourself. Also someone who pretends to drink beers but just sips on them and then fakes drunk.
Dude honestly you gotta stop davising all the time its really making me sick.
by Lilpete December 12, 2006
The girl could not walk because she had been Davised the day before
by Davis'ed from behind June 6, 2016
Oh man, David totally jack davised
maddie last night, she was hammered!
by hbarineau May 11, 2017
to make a very stupid and brainless comment during a conversation.
Friend 1: “a chicken is a mamal right?”
Friend 2: “He davised again”
by ddamsie19 May 26, 2022