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David Stern is the horrendous commissioner of the NBA. He allows referees to blatantly change the outcome of certain NBA games, most commonly playoff games and ALWAYS calls them "mistakes". The worst case happened in 2002 when the Lakers won Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Kings because the refs gave the Lakers many free throw opportunities in the 4th quarter. All of the calls were against the Kings, and were not even fouls. This threw away the chances of seeing a Nets v. Kings Finals series in 2002. If you don't believe this, Google "the worst tragedy in sports".

When you really need him, Stern is going to make constant horrible decisions. In the NBA draft, the commissioner calls out the names of every player that is going to be selected in the 1st round. When he got to the podium on 6/24/10, the fans in Madison Square Garden booed him. Some good commissioner, eh? Stern cares only about money and ruining NBA teams and breaking the hearts of millions of fans.
David Stern fan: the lakers kings game wasnt fixed man you just a stupid hater who cant appreciate that the nba is the greatest sport ever!!!
Me: ...I ain't even gonna reply, but I have to, since you're such an the game and you'll see that it was fixed.
Stern fan: i aint gotta watch nothin to believe anythin foo!
Me -_-
by JustinBiebersucks June 24, 2010
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A weaselly, power mongering, dumb shit prick who somehow became the commissioner of the NBA.

Also regularly has gay orgies with small market owners like Dan Gilbert, a butt-hurt, small market owner whose gay lover left him.
"You know, the trade was blocked for basketball reasons, I don't think you should be mad."

"What the fuck does David Stern know about basketball?"
by David Stern Sucks December 15, 2011
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1. The Worst NBA Commissioner of All-time

2. Outlived lived his stay and made December 8th 2011 one of the worst days for the NBA.

3. How he thinks of himself was brilliantly shown in SNL:

"You don't talk to me like that! I'm David Stern! I make the rules here! You don't get to pick your team, I do! I'm the commissioner of the NBA! I DRIVE A DODGE STRATUS!!!!!"

4. Bill Simmons said regarding the recent veto of the CP3 trade:

"Just know that I'm a die-hard Celtics fan and die-hard Lakers hater … and even I am appalled. I hope Chris Paul sues. I hope the Rockets sue. I hope the Lakers sue. I hope Dell Demps resigns and makes a sex tape with a stripper wearing a David Stern Halloween mask."
NBA fan #1: Yesterday may have been the worst day in the history of the United States

NBA fan #2: Even worse than November 4th 2008

NBA fan #1: Hell ya, he vetoed CP3 trade David Stern fucked everyone in the NBA

NBA fan #2: Fuck him he hates America
by The NBA fan December 09, 2011
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1. The Commissioner of the National Basketball Association

2. An out-of-touch fugazy who keeps playas from doin their thing; a playa hater.
1. David Stern finally relented to the pressure and went back to using the traditional genuine leather basketball after the new ball failed miserably.

2. My landlord keeps calling the law every time I have a house party. Fuck a David Stern.
by L-Millz October 02, 2007
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