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One of the most underrated players in the NBA, probably best player on the Knicks along with Curry and Frye, one of the few players in the NBA to average a double-double (and the only to do it while coming off the bench), the best American-born white player in the NBA (sorry Kirk), and a god to Knick fans.
Knick fan: David Lee is god!
Idiot Bulls fan: No, Kirk Hinrich is! lol
*Knicks fans gather and smite dumbass Bulls fan for blasphemy*
by DLee42 January 24, 2007
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An obnoxious, fat, ignorant person. Plays Fortnite 24/7. Makes a lot of unfunny homosexual jokes that just hides his true gender identity.
A: Who is this guy in our squad that is making these unfunny jokes?
B: His name is probably David Lee
by victoryroyale July 18, 2018
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