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Aka Chaventry,
A small town off of Northampton full of "chavs", old people and jailbait.

Landmarks include the square (a nightclub renowned for someone shitting up the walls - literally!), mcdonalds (full of fit crew members and cool boy racers on drive thru) and ten thousand unwanted hairdressers and petrol stations!
The key features of Daventry are dog walkers, parks and an excessively large amount of hills.

If you can manage to survive not getting mugged in Southbrook or stabbed outside Fridays you'll love Daventry and its wide population of benefit claiming failures.
Guy 1: I got mugged last night by a group of jailbait chavs.
Guy 2: Really? Where were you, Daventry!?
by Mr Fluffykins August 14, 2011
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