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A very talented musician. Dave has preformed with bands such as Nirvana whom he played drums for, Queens of the Stoneage who he drummed with, and his own band, the Foo Fighters, where he plays guitar and sings lead vocals. He also has drummed with Nine Inch Nails and headed the heavy metal project Probot.
Dave Grohl has played with a LOT of bands.
by Rusty Shackelfurd August 18, 2005
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Dave Grohl is the ideal musician and celebrity. Best known for his roles in rock bands Nirvana and Foo Fighters, he has contributed to many others. His voice, although it can successfully reach scream level and still turn me on, sounds best when it's soft. Musically gifted, Dave interprets and writes music very well - certainly not as generic as he has been called (if only people would listen harder!). Most of his covers (such as the Foo Fighters cover of Prince's 'Darling Nikki') are more interesting than the originals.

Grohl is grounded but charismatic with a great sense of humour, still enjoying alcohol and yelling 'fuck'. He has experience in the music world but hasn't let the drugs and fame drive him to insanity like his talented friend and colleague Kurt Cobain. Dave is seen as a mentor by bandmates for these reasons. He also has a new daughter with wife Jordan (she's very pretty, and the envy of countless female Grohl fans - including me).
I saw Dave Grohl play in a Foo Fighters concert a while back and although the music was awesome, he got the most cheers after insisting that he wanted to "make out with each and every one of you mother-fuckers." If anyone else had said that to me I'd probably smack them, but this time I was ready to run down and be first in line.. and second in line... and third...
by hAsdfdffnf or hannah October 05, 2007
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An extremely talented musician, Dave’s career started with the grunge band Nirvana. He had drummed the whole album, Nevermind, and helped to write Smells Like Teen Spirit. After Kurt Cobain’s death in early 1994, Dave went underground and made his own album. He was recruited by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, as well as Pearl Jam. He decided not to join. His album, which included him playing every instrument and singing, was found by a record label in 1995. He had gotten a band together, his album a professional mix, and it was released as the Foo Fighter’s debut album. Since then Dave had drummed an entire album for Queens of The Stone Age (You Are Free) and for Tenacious D.
"If I had a choice to bring John Bonham back to life and have him be my drummer I would say no 'cause Dave Grohl is an awesome drummer. (Dave) is really that good." - Kurt Cobain
by Michael Habic July 17, 2008
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Dave Grohl is a very talented man. He used to be in a grunge band called Nirvana and played the shit out the drums on the album 'Nevermind'. He was a few years younger than Kurt Cobain when he was in Nirvana. Then Kurt died and Dave found himself in a band called the Foo Fighters who have made some very good albums that i'd like to go out to HMV and buy !!!! He also used to play drums in another band called Queens of the Stone Age but i don't know if he still plays drums for them. If you ever see QOTSA's video for 'No one Knows' (a kick-ass song !!!) You'll see Dave beating the crap out of the drums !!!
Some people say that Dave is HOT !!! I am one of those people but personally, i prefer him in his Nirvana days when he had long hair and would go onstage semi-naked !!! But I don't mind how he looks now !!!
I also hear that Dave played the devil in the video to 'Tribute' by
Tenacious D. He's also a BIG inspiration to me and my friends !!!
Dave Grohl has been in three bands
1. Nirvana
2. Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA)
3. Foo Fighters

My cousin is only 11 but he likes the Foo Fighters. I think he'll be pleasantly surprised when I tell him that Dave used to play drums in Nirvana !!!!!!
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One of the greatest musicians ever! Best know for being the drummer of Nirvana, and the current guitarist and lead vocalist of Foo Fighters.
Dave Grohl is my god!

Nirvana and Foo Fighters are awesome bands! Holy crap Dave Grohl was/is in both bands, and contributed to a shit load of others!
by Otistodamax June 24, 2005
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lead singer/guitarist for band foo-fighters, ex-drummer for nirvana
and guest drummer for many bands such as qotsa, killing joke,david bowie, cat power,puff daddy, tommi iommi and buzz osbourne (formerly of the melvins-who introduced him to nirvana leadman kurt cobain.
was borjn in warran, ohio in 1969, movesd to virginia as a young boy. wqas in may d.c hardcore bands ioncluding scream during the 1980's before jopining nirvana in 1990. after the tragic death of cobain in 1994, grohl considered quittiun music althoughter. fortunately he didnt and he went on to play drums on the 'backbeat' soundtrack (a film abouit the beginnings of the beatles in hamburg) before formin the foofighters in 1995.
the foo fighters have curently released four albums with another due to be released in june/july 2005.
dave grohl was the drummer of nirvana and is great
by emily March 10, 2005
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