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Dauhn is an all powerful being, more powerful than all the God's in history combined, he is called a celestial. Dauhn has chosen 3 disciples to help him rule the world and he calls them Titans. Celiece Titan of Earth, Aidan Titan of darkness and Jacob Titan of light. Dauhn has given the Titans so much power that they can create world's and God's of they're own. God's created by the Titans have to follow the rules of the Titans, so a God created by Jacob the Titan of light can't go around killing people like a good of Aidan the Titan darkness would.
Dauhn is the most powerful creature to ever live and who will every live
by 123536474ygg6g November 26, 2018
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One of the strongest men around. Dauhn is very intelligent, loyal , handsome and he's not bad in the bed either, Dauhn is basically the most amazing person ever
Girl 1 "whoa, who's that guy over there"

Girl 2 "OMG that's dauhn, he's so awesome"
by 123536474ygg6g July 29, 2018
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