Only the sickest dubstep producer out there. Started producing in late 2008, after hearing his fellow Canadian Excision's Shmabhala mix. His first song was Havoc, and followed up with Jenova Project, Nuke Em, and various other tracks that would be released on Rottun Records. He launched his debut album : Vitamin D in April of 2012, and his Let it Burn LP is set to drop in September 2013.
Did you hear Datsik's new track?

Yeah it was the illest grime I've heard, biggup.
by w1llmegatron September 17, 2013
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The act of getting an unsuspecting fan intoxicated and then sexually assaulting him/her.
"I had to go pick up my friend from the show and get her home safely, she almost got datsiked backstage"
by CountryMuppet47 March 14, 2018
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An EDM, dubstep, producer that started in late 2008. Has had moderate to great success with singles like havoc, Jenova Project and Nuke Em. Debuted with his album Vitamin D in 2012.

in 2018 he faced multiple cases of sexual assault/harrassment and received a lot of backlash from his then still pretty large fanbase, including at live shows.
in 2019 he claimed to have changed his ways (including sobriety) and is working on himself in therapy, but planned on returning to the music industry. The way this news was delivered was not received well.
Have you heard Datsik's new track?
No, I unfollowed Datsik a while ago, after the rumors surfaced.
by miadumonde December 27, 2020
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