A dude that thinks or knows he's the man.
by Brath November 7, 2004
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"Dat Nigga" is a term used to refer to somebody (Black OR White) who is simply "The Man". Times have changed, we now say "Dat Nigga".
Example 1 : Project Pat is Dat Nigga! Mofucker strait hood yu heard me?!?

Example 2 : That dude knocked him the fuck out! -reply-""Yea I know he Dat Nigga for real""

Example 3 : C-Murder dat nigga tho he doing a life sentence bruh.
by dand2392 February 3, 2014
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Some who is dat nigga is named demetriq/dematric/DT
DT can’t die cause he dat nigga.
by XxdumyXx November 3, 2020
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Dat nigga is really a dying breed there not a lot of us left so we try are best to stay alive an avoid hoe niggas dat nigga is really goin keep 💯 with you from the start they ain’t goin change on you cause they dat nigga ya feel me 💯
by Dying breed July 18, 2019
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