"Dat Nigga" is a term used to refer to somebody (Black OR White) who is simply "The Man". Times have changed, we now say "Dat Nigga".
Example 1 : Project Pat is Dat Nigga! Mofucker strait hood yu heard me?!?

Example 2 : That dude knocked him the fuck out! -reply-""Yea I know he Dat Nigga for real""

Example 3 : C-Murder dat nigga tho he doing a life sentence bruh.
by dand2392 February 02, 2014
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"That nigger". A moronic bastardization of the English language. Also an inflammatory comment, though many are too stupid to understand this.
It's not 'dat nigga'. The proper vernacular is 'that nigger', you FUCKTARDS.
by Shadow Creator December 03, 2007
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