Dassie is a type of girl that reminds you of a bagel but she is still your number one best friend/ donut. She has many amazing talents, such as, fashion. She will cut up your Barbies for free and practice her unique fashion talent on them. Even though she is forgetful (specifically of presents you buys her) she is a keeper. Once you meet a Dassie, never let go.
Who is that amazing girl over there? It must be a Dassie!
by Tarise 🤍 September 23, 2020
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A rock rabbit, a small brown furry animal that lives in the mountains of south africa its a sort of cross between a rabbit and a mole..very cute
aaaw, look at that dassie inbetween those rocks
by bokkiepoukens May 22, 2009
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An amazing guy who is smart, kind, and amazing in general.
If you find a Dassy, never let him go, he'll protect you with all his will and will always be there for you no matter what has happened.
You'll find yourself wanting to smother him with all of your love and affection as he does the same for you!
Anonymous: He's such a Dassy!
by C-O-B-T December 17, 2019
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Dassie is a unique and beautiful female name, originating from Hadassah. Dassie's are generally creative, smart, well-liked, popular, fashionable and fun. Another noted charachteristic among Dassie's is their ability to flirt, and their extreme amount of sex appeal. They are usually lusted after by many guys, and are very good dancers. Dassie's are also known to have a slight wild side; more often than not you'll see them dancing with two guys with a drink in either hand :).
"who's that hot chick over there dancing on the table?"
"that must be Dassie"
by delicious13 December 27, 2009
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Dassi (adj)
when you can not describe something
Imogen} : how do you feel about brexit?
Charlotte : i don't know... just.... ermmm... its dassi
Imogen : dassi?
Charlotte : i can't explain it
by stuppitears August 25, 2018
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