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Loves to get women to have sex,
and will try to seduce you or trick you.
Is a douche half the time.
Never to be trusted.
Is like a snake, with
bad intentions.
Most likely will leave you hurt,
unless you find one that is

not a player, your good to go.
Daruis is a douche, he slept with several women throughout the day.
by skater15 April 29, 2011
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An epic black dude in the series Naruto, hailing from Kumogakure. He's powerful, clever, talented, and the right hand of the Raikage. He also has a Kekkei Genkai by the name of Storm Release. Many fans see him as the "Black Kakashi", due to the strong similarities between the two.
Darui is one impressive ninja.
by lover of music June 19, 2011
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