Darri Is always helpful is pretty and petty 24/7 and gets racist when people try her. Darri is loving to people who dont love her and always cares for others. Darri has big brown eyes and smiles with evil.
That girl is really nice. She must be a Darri
by Babyface_dar April 09, 2017
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a very dumb pretty person that doesnt do her work
Who is a very loyal friendly person
Very protective
Besties with a Janiya
Mental Ptoblems
Loves her haters
Has a pancake
Dang I kinda wish I had A Darris
by IssaDarris February 23, 2018
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a beautiful girl,shes smart,sweet,caring shes outgoing,sheโ€™s sexy if your a friend of hers and your a boy you are going to most likely fall inlove with her,darri is also wifey material darri is just a great person thereโ€™s no one else like her,darri is a goofy person,sheโ€™s also disliked by girls because how great she is and how everybody likes her sheโ€™s just really great
darri is really outgoing
by unknown214 May 15, 2018
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