A sexy girl, with unique personality, she is beautiful inside and out, very creative, and incredibly fun and wise.

She has a bad ass attitude, but soft on the inside. She got an banging body, and likes to speak her mind. Girls wanna be her, while Guys wanna have her.
Guy #1: I want to have Nesha kinda girl.

Guy #2: That girl Nesha is one of a kind.
Guy #1: Darnesha is very lovely

Guy #2: That girl Darnesha is Amazing
by Darnesha February 02, 2017
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Usually a female name, and is known for her willingness to forgive. This is often to her own detriment but she does it all the same. Kindness and beauty is the most accurate way to describe her. But if you ever get on her bad side, she won't know you anymore.
It was all good just avweek ago, then I had to go and piss off Darnesha.
by Thelovelyluxxe December 19, 2016
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