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A place where all the deepest darkest secrets of the internet lurk. It makes up 96% of the entire internet. You can find a variety of twisted fucked up shit on there such as.


Hitman for hire.

A shitload of illegal weapons/drugs.


Animal abuse videos.

Top secret government agencies.

All of these are just the icing on the cake.
For your safety and the safety of those around you don't EVER go on the Dark Web PERIOD. If you do it will download malware and viruses on your device without you even knowing it. As I said before I STRONGLY advise you to never dwell in the Dark Web you will regret it.
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by A human male July 11, 2018
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The dark web, often confused with the deep web, is a small part of the deep web that is intentionally hidden and is inaccessible by standard web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, and internet explorer.

It's here that you can easily find things like narcotics, child porn, stolen credit cards, and other illegal goods. Most of the transactions that take place in the dark web are done with bitcoin and other crypto-currency.
Wow, I just went on the dark web, and in a few minutes, I was able to find heroin, meth, LSD, automatic weapons, and a stolen credit card!
by DireClown November 13, 2015
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Dark web is the portion of the deep web that requires special software such as TOR to navigate. Commonly, confused people refer to the "deep web" as the" dark web", but the deep web is just the information on the internet which normal search engines can't find, such as pages within sites without links to click on.
The dark web is a good place to download some illegal crap and then get caught because you didn't do it right
by Thisguyimetinabar January 15, 2016
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Basically the online black market, the dark Web is not accessible via standard Web browsers. On it, one can find child porn, drugs, illegal weapons, and other illegal things.
I just bought a minigun and a brick of cocaine on the dark web while jacking it to a little kid getting buttfucked.
by Robb19 November 28, 2016
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Guy 1- bro I can't sleep at all
Guy 2-why
Guy 1- I saw a video of a guy getting his throat cut out by a guy with a baby mask on the dark web
by Commander Trinacria April 20, 2018
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An anonymous group of people who work together both technologically and personally to make the world a better place.
If the government found out about who is a part of the dark web, they'd probably arrest them.
Don't be afraid of the dark web, they're the secret angels of the world.
by crazyhatter March 07, 2018
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Where you go to get fucked but you’re too scared of getting stabbed by a real dealer even though you probably wont
by Clifford Marcus November 27, 2017
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