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Occured during the winter of 2003 (middle of January - early March) on the Heroes of the Lance messageboard on GameFAQs. The nude midget hara kiri psyco marked every topic for being off topic. The rest of the crotch mullet-envying moderators came shuffling in and raped the board, deleting nearly every topic. The board was essentially dead, with 3 or 4 open topics at most. Kept from virtual board death by regular posting from five Heroes of the Lance crew members: death2nudemidgets, Dr Slinky, NES hardcore, StanStepanic, and TTRay.

The Dark Winter reached its lowest point when the board was left with just two regular posters, StanStepanic and TTRay. Hopefully, it will never be repeated again.
Hara kiri smells of orangutan feces, rotting trout, and Heinz 57
by death2nudemidgets October 07, 2003
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