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Dariely is a name for a girl who is the most attractive,sexy, nicest and bootylicious girl. She's kind and always thinks of other people. Easy to fall in love with.She smart and a hard worker.Buts love having fun and laughing with the most beautiful laugh. Gives the best hugs and kisses ever.She beautiful in the inside as well the outside.
Son:Mom I ment this girl who is attractive, sexy nice and bootylicious.

Mom:Oh a Dariely


nd i love her
by Mango Tango D.O.E. February 22, 2015
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The most amazing and beautiful woman you will ever meet, a little piece of heaven on earth. A Darielys will always be there to lend you a shoulder to cry on, or give you a loving hug. Darielys are unfailingly faithful, and radiate an aura of pure happiness around them that even the most dickish person can’t resist coming around too.

A Darielys is always worth whatever it takes just to be near them.
Mom: I saw a good looking girl named Darielys the other day

Son: where and how do I go back in time to right that moment?
by Shoobaoppowbangtowb September 11, 2018
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