1. An affectionate name for a Sergeant or Warrant Officer with smug ignorance of art, literature and intellectual pursuits.

2. A proudly anti-intellectual senior soldier who provides humour to junior officers in their mannersims and eccentric takes on simple phrases.


1. See Dargonism

A Dargon can be identified by a phone clipped to belt, Holden racing shirt, tucked t-shirt, joggers & jeans, ICB tattoo, offensive stickers on car and general butchery of the English language.

The word 'Dargon' comes from the Australian accent pronounciation of the word Dagon, who was described in the Hebrew Bible (Joshua 19:27) as the god of the Philistines. The Philistines being a primitive Aegean Tribe who warred with the Israelite kingdoms in 12th Century B.C. They were characterised by barbarous behaviour, disdain for artistic values and culture, and by leaving no evidence of written language.
1. Adressing a group of soldiers:
SGT Bloggs - "Its not rocket surgery men, form up alphabetically by height!"

2. Base-wide email:
WO2 Smith - "Close the accomodation doors! By order of the Sercurity Officer"
LT on Dictionary of Dargonisms: "10/10 Dargon, will make RSM"
by Carl Gusto July 21, 2018
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Something you put in da Busket
Hey Look at that! Theres a Dargon in my Busket!
by HobbsA January 11, 2009
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Contrary to popular belief Trogdor is actualy a Dargon, we see Strong Mad as usual is right on.
Douglas: Was that Trogdor the burninating Dragon?

by Glamdring November 06, 2003
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A low Georgian-style chair with a round back and Hepplewhite legs.
The chair you are sitting in is from the Dargon dynasty.
by Niggle April 12, 2003
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