A total badass that can get anyone they desire. They also have the capability to speak any language fluently.
Madison Beer- "hey my name is Madison."
Daran-" muchas gracias baby"
Madison Beer- "Fuck me plz"
by Penwis June 25, 2021
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Is usually a very happy individual who expresses his confidence with his Naomi Campbell like strut. Tends to have extremely curly ginger hair which he twirls with his finger when trying to get a free pint at the bar. Daran loves knocking on doors. Daran has more pairs of chinos than Mr.T has gold chains. Looks good in everything. He tries unsuccessfully to conceal his boy-crush on his friends, uses local girl as a cover. Says he's going for a drink, might not see him for three days.
Person 1: ''Are you coming for a drink?''
Person 2: ''Of course my name is Daran!''

Person 1: ''Is that guy actually twirling his hair and flirting with the barman for a free drink??''
Person2: ''Tut....such a Daran!''
by gingersareus August 12, 2013
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A male Karen

Usually yells a lot and/or is short and/or fat
even with the same personality's Karen and Daran wold not get married because the karen would want him to beat some kid up but anyone over the age of 11 could beat a daran up
Cashier: alright that will be $4.20

Daran: what, you think your better than me?! just because you're in shape, have a job, and don't live in your parents basement you think you're better than me
Cashier: go home Daran You're drunk
by 2182929 August 08, 2020
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