A British angry legend that wanted to beat up a British troller
Troller: I wanna know why you just shouted at me down the mic

Danny G:Why I fooking shout you down the mic for pave your fooking mouth mate I'm a grown man You sent me a message first YEA I live in smethwick birmingham IF YOU WANNA FOOKING BRAWL COME DOWN ASK FOR DANNY G
by Oi fook off March 23, 2019
The physical embodiment of all frustration and anger in Xbox Live servers in the United Kingdom that wants all internet trolls to know he lives in Smethwick, Birmingham and will cut your face off and shove it up your ass.
Random Brit: "You just shouted at me down the microphone"

Danny G. : "What did I fuckin shout at you down the microphone for, playing your fuckin mouth, mate, to my bro man. You sent me a message first, yeah. I live in Smethwick, Birmingham if you want to FUCKIN brawl. COME DOWN TO SMETHWICK, ASK FOR DANNY G., I'LL COME OUT MY HOUSE, I'LL BREAK YOUR FUCKIN LEGS!! YOU LITTLE PRICK!!"

The rest of this transcription is cut off due to poor mic quality and rage fueled screaming
by GoGetTheChipoltle March 14, 2020
he lives in birmingham and will come out of his house to break your legs
do u like Danny G?
by Morgz mum is a nonce August 27, 2019
Danny G is a King and a fun person to be around! He's usually the creator of a fun group chat or he's fun to talk to in private chats! He always has girls around him and he's known for his dancing skills! He has a lovely smile that makes the girls go crazy! If you know a Danny G you should probably keep him forever!
That Danny G guy Is so godly, I love him!
by Chajjxf February 23, 2022
A boss ass mother fucker. He is also a lonley homosexual loser.
by Meg- February 12, 2016