On the border of North West Birmingham & The Black Country, Smethwick also known as "Smedrock" Is over runned with gangs & shootings every other day, Neighboring areas such as Handsworth, Winson Green, West Bromwich & Edgbaston.

Smethwick is part of the Sandwell Borough due Birmingham City Council not wanting any part of it back in the 1970s & 1990s, Smethwick had some of the biggest Urban Development Projects transforming the area (Council Estates) & its still a shithole. Home too the "Notorious" Concrete Jungle (Council Estate yes Gangs) & The Windmill Lane/ French Walls District (Another Council Estate & yes Gangs)

Concrete Jungle was once considered a super council estate, due to its size (& its reputation defiantly matched up) once a mass area full of Concrete Town Houses, 24 Story Tower Blocks, Massionates & Underpasses it was redeveloped, due to crime rate in the area during the 90s, Although its still a shithole there are no longer any Tower Blocks, Massionates or Underpasses, But the Town Houses still remain (still concrete underneath just got bricked over to look nice) still over runned by gangs, shootings & has had its fair share of history with Murders occuring (Gang Related).Another Notorious Smethwick Council Estate Based off Windmill Lane, known as the "French Walls" faced a similar fate with a mass redevelopment (Two Times still a shithole)
B66 Smedrock

Is Smethwick Birmingham i
Im in Smedrock

Smethwick Shootings
by ImJustBrum April 13, 2020
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Danny G: I woke up in a steaming mood, yeah cos you know why cos i live in smethwick birmingham, its a fucking shithole. All the people here are dickheads
Garry: No way dude
by Kratox June 1, 2022
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Smethwick Army Youth Notorious football firm just started up young firm between 15 and 20 round about 70/80 members and growing always at west brom football matches in the smethwick end at the back always kicks off with firms biggest rivals are the wolves (subway army, yam yam army).
Look out if you go to a west brom match smethwick army youth are always about
by Lucas Brooke September 16, 2007
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A Smethwick Shithouse is a classic breakfast cocktail which consists of half a pint of cheap Brexity Larger (Carling is ideal), mixed with half a pint of blue WKD, served in a pint glass with a cocktail umbrella and a sense of sadness . Ratios can be adjusted to taste.

The Beverage was initially invented in March 2018 by a 2 families from the Birmingham area in a bar in north wales.
Two Smethwick Shithouses please, I have a great thirst.
by Theo Saw Us January 11, 2022
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