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An outrageously stereotypically white comedian from Omaha, Nebraska whose comedic act discusses a wide range of topics from cannibalism to sex to great knick knacks at Target as well as cracking on Dane Cook.
Daniel's Mom(At his funeral): "This is really awkward...but he said we wouldn't get the booty if we didn't do this..."

-Daniel Tosh
by StrawberryShortcakeLand February 27, 2009
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The act of having sex with a week old dead cat filled with taco bell grade diareah and cock roaches while an arctic wolf mounts you and makes brutal love to your anus while riding on the hood of a school bus filled eight year old boys while a chimpanzee courteously grooms you and the wolf and then proceeds to inject the wolf with a testosterone needle.
Reporter: The Pope was recently caught performing a Daniel Tosh in Vatican City Monday morning, apparently after hitting the Blood of Christ a little too hard. Fortunately the wolf was unharmed but I can't say the same for the childrens' mental health.
by Johan The Destroyer September 11, 2012
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Comedy Central's newest, in-your-face comedian, who gives you the only reason to watch the network since Dave Chappelle moved to Crazyville and disappointed us all. He offends people in every walk of life, and graduated from UCF in Whorlando, Florida. His show, tosh.0, is amazingly funny, although most women do not agree with this because women have no sense of humor and would rather "keep up" with the Kardasians or watch grown adults play high schoolers and/or vampires on tv. Daniel Tosh is rather sexy, but this probably would not be true if he wasn't the funniest man ever. Daniel Tosh does not know this, but we will someday be married and make unbelievably attractive, offensive offspring.
I would do dirty, dirty things to Daniel Tosh.

(female) Who's that?

He's the sexiest, funniest man ever you Twilight-loving faghag!
by ashevillesfinest September 13, 2010
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A homosexual sex position in which 2 men bust their loads into a dead fish and insert it into eachother's rectum.
Text from Tom: Heeyy Daniel, wanna Tosh it up before the show?(;
Reply from Daniel Tosh: Ive been waiting ALL DAY for my midmorning satisfaction!
by Bowahh July 25, 2010
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A person who is popular for the sole purpose of being a complete douche.
Why would anyone want to be his friend!? He's such a Daniel Tosh!
by 12-21 April 26, 2011
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A corn filled turd that is placed inside a semen filled condom, roasted lightly over an open spit and served as a sausage like meal. For best results season with dingleberries, penis mustard, furmunda cheese and garnish with a light sprinklin o' dehydrated amber colored piss.
Hans und Franz ordered two foot long Daniel Tosh's at this years Octoberfest.
by Comedycentral Buffet December 13, 2011
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