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Means 'Morning Star'

Girls name
Girl 1: Hey whats her name?
Girl 2: Danicka
Girl 1: As in morning star?
Girl 2: Yeah!
by dani...x August 16, 2009
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A very beautiful girl that has the best smile and eyes. She has amazing hair. She hits you every time your with her. She can be on the phone with you for hours talking about anything. She is very independent and doesn't care what people think. When she cares about someone she will do anything to keep them in her life. When she falls in love there isn't a way for her to fall out. Fun fact about her, she loves and I mean loves to sing.
Unknown: I wish I could be Danicka

Random: Me too😫
by Danicka1017140 February 05, 2018
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She is very loud, annoying at times, and very outgoing. She loves music, more than her own family, thats how she escapes from everything. She learns to trust people to fast. If she says she loves you believe her, she only says it if she means it. She hates big crowds. She loves feeling loved, but dont lie to her, shell see right through you. If yousee her crying someone really hurt her. Badly. She hates crying in front of people. Be careful with her, shes very delecate and precious. She is so beautiful and guys love to hurt her.
Guy: Shes beautiful, whats her name
Other guy: ikr and danicka i think.
Guy: wowwww.
by Danicka1017140 June 16, 2018
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A Very weird pedophile, Girl, Who doesn't know wtf she's doing with her life
Guy one- Wtf are you doing
Guy two- He's such a danicka
by Jdjdjdjdh December 20, 2016
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She is very confident and doesnt really care about what people think. She loves real hard and shows her love physically witch means she loves hugs and shes a really good kisser. Shes also amazing in the bed. Dont make her mad, she has a pretty bad temper. She may seem rude but when you get to know her she is very lovable and caring. She also gives really good advice and shes really fucking gorgeous.
Unknown~Danicka is really pretty
Unknown~I wish she was my girl
by Danicka1017140 May 15, 2018
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