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(adj.) The act of dangerously cooking delicious food under the influence. The danger of said cooking may exist without the influence of drugs or alcohol, but it is infinitely increased with the addition of said drugs and alcohol.
"I just BBQ'd 17 ears of corn after dropping A LOT of acid. It was dangerlicious"

"So, after no one showed up, I just drank the whole keg myself and deep-fried a dangerlicious turkey in the living room"

"Had 4 grams of mushrooms, thought my arms were axes, and I cooked a tree. I cooked a tree. I cooked a dangerlicious tree
by mcmurch_ December 15, 2011
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Combination of dangerous and delicious. Usually said somewhat in jest. Referring to a high-calorie snack food that tastes so good that you may be tempted to eat the entire package in one sitting, possibly resulting in a danger to your health.
Please don't buy those cookies. They're way too dangerlicious. You know once I open the box, I'll probably eat the whole thing and make myself sick.
by KungFuBlitzkrieg May 06, 2018
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Something that is highly dangerous with delicious or tasty outcomes. Usually involves cooking or eating things in a reckless manner.
Bob was drunkenly deep-frying his food, it was extremely dangerlicious.
by ImALion December 14, 2011
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Having the qualities of deliciousness with a bit of danger involved. Typically the danger is a part of the preparation stage (or state of mind during preparation stage) but this word can also describe things that are dangerous to eat yet still delicious.
Oh man, drunk deep frying sounds so dangerlicious.
by myrridin December 14, 2011
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