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Former moderator of Games, DanSTC was famous not only for his questionable performance as a moderator as games, but as an asshole and a troll who thought his opinions mattered because he was a moderator (this trend would continue even after he was demodded and banned.) One example that stands out was during a Command and Conquer thread. Here is an excerpt from the SAclopedia entry of DanSTC

"In a thread about the Command and Conquor series of games I believe Generals was the one he referenced, he butted in and started a drawn-out debate over how blatantly racist towards China the material was and how personally offended he got while playing though it.

His memorable argument from this was something akin to, "I have asian friends and they don't mind. But I, as a person who is friends with asians, am outraged". Many said that equally humorous stereotypes were applied to the American, and imaginary pseudo-russian forces. Some were just dumbfounded over the whole thing. Dan was pretty much on his own.

It all ended when Dan implied (re: threatened) that anyone who continued the line of argument would be banned."

He downfall would be his seemingly unflinching ability to troll any ghost thread that would pop up in GBS. Finally the admins had enough and he was demodded and banned, only to re-register days later and lurk for the following few months. He made the following post almost two months after his banning, here are some snippets.

"Though there are people who will stick up for me, I'm the first to admit that I did quite a bit of pretty stupid shit while I was a moderator that I really regret in hindsight. I was pretty heavy-handed sometimes, with shit like various idle threats, over-reactions, and other stupid crap to add to my list of things I now go "what the fuck was I thinking?" over. Problem is, I don't think I WAS thinking...Overall, my biggest flaw (of many) was probably that out of intellectual laziness, I would often act without thinking, a personal flaw of my own that I'm still working to correct."
"Why I didn't dare to show my face for so long around the forums after I got banned is this - the emberassment of getting banned for being a total shithead brought on a rush of revelation over just how overinflated my ego had become...basically, all the bad seeds I had sown around the forums had come back to haunt me."

Unfortunetely, for Dan, his trend of being egotistic(how you can be DanSTC and have an ego at all is a mystery to everyone) and acting like an all around asshole when his opinions were challenged would not change. He continued to, in so many words, act the exact same way he did before he was banned the first time. Name calling, personal attacks, and blatant trolling were the norm for him, and he was banned for a second time by OMGWTFBBQ on Sept 26, 2004

"A seemingly unstoppable machine pumping out an endless supply of posts filled with asshole comments. Oh wait, there IS a way to stop the machine!"
DanSTC, when will you learn that nobody respected you or thought your opinions mattered before and after you were demodded and banned?
by otaconvsworld October 10, 2004
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