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Damontes are usually really smart and crazy. They are funny and know how to make you laugh. They are the definition of a true gentleman. He will be the best boyfriend to you.
Girl 1: girlllllll did you just see Damonte open the door for his girlfriend?
Girl 2: yasssss girl and now he just kissed her on the cheek.

Girl 1: Girl I need a boyfriend like that.

Girl 2: yeah girl what you need is a damonte in your life.
by Thegoddesses December 03, 2014
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Da'Monte is the best boyfriend he is a brave and horny and funny and crazy if you see Da'Monte just knows girls it's your chance
girl 1: Last night Da'Monte give it to me

girl 2: Da'Monte let me lick his d*** Last night

girl 3: He got a Big one yallllllllllll
by Da'Monte February 06, 2018
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