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The name Damilola is an Nigerian name and means full of wealth. She is pretty and beautiful. Her makeup skills are usually amazing and can turn your frown upside down. She is very popular and is never left out. She can be annoying at times and make fights but you can never stay mad at her. She is a great cook and is always fun to be around. Likes to read and always gets C+ or more on her exams. Her nicknames are Dammy,Dams,Dam,D or Damlol. If you find a Damilola don't loose her.
Damilola is so fun to be around
by Niceandtruemeanings June 30, 2017
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Damilola is an awesome gal, with an Great personality. She shines among many others, but remains humble. She usually strive for the best for herself and her collegues. Even when she goes through tough times, she remians modest.
by Goofyfallafel November 17, 2018
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Damilola is a Yoruba name which means God has given me wealth, Joy, Peace, everything good basically. It is a unisex name and those who bewr the name are troublesome, smart, goal getters, independent, focused and determined at whatever they do. When they want something, they go for it. Most of them have good morals. They mostly like the night life too, they can like to turn up, there's no dull moment when you're with them because they are so homey.
He must be Damilola, sturbbon and homey
by Anjola Onireti April 19, 2019
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a large, nigerian female, fake hair, who stabs people with pencils crayons and cheats on tests.
by club4 February 04, 2005
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