A being of complete and utter sexy-ness, worthy of a million wives. Destructive, Strong, Funny, and Charming.

Awesome at everything it does.
Sexy Gyal: That guy is sooo fucking sexy. I want him to have my babies.

Ugly Jealous Gyal: That's Daman.
by Andy_Bloom July 4, 2010
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The most amazing guy you will ever meet! He is so easy to talk to, and all around is the most handsome guy you will ever seen. He is so talented and very tall. He will make you very short. If you get to date a Daman keep him forever because is such a romantic! He will always be there for you and make you feel like a queen.
Girl: Do you see him? Who is that?
by jmcguire12 May 30, 2020
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A young person, usually very bitchy but in a funni way
Bob: That person is acting like a Daman today
by nananacanttouchme April 28, 2010
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Colloquialism of the words, "The man", usually taken to mean someone completely and utterly awesome; a dominant, alpha - male personality, who owns every room he or she walks in to.
Dwayne Johnson is DAMAN.
by SB420 October 15, 2014
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