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Even more bad ass than the rip of Damage Inc above. Guided by the gods to serve the gaming community with respect and a lovely place to hang out. Led by their glorious Leader GreatJackal with his team of astonishing officers who's sweat drips hope into the blood of the members. Rumor has it they gather in Valhalla ( :O
"hey bro where have you been"

"Dude ive been drinking with Sif in Damage Inc"
by WreckoTheGecko January 23, 2019
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1. A Bad ass old school Metallica song.
2. The most bad ass gaming clan to walk the earth. Clan Members wear tag ={DMG}=. and continually poon noobs "gretzky style".also known as DMG Their home is and consist of some of the greatest video gamers known. They are led by "the fearless leader" aka ashe. Other members include Hitlers assasin, Edward Penishands, FarmerBrown,Jacko, Carp, Vertigo, Kid36, Seabass, You so stupad, Houzebomb,Ironman, Lygar, Ice dawg, Rocky, Kcire, and GIRLSW/GUNS see Ciara Bella DMG DMG Clan
I got owned by Damage inc. or DMG pooned my ass. or Farmer brown throws nades Dmg style or my ass hurts from the dmg ownage
by girl April 26, 2005
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The best clan in the online game called Runescape. Picture this: The highest combat level in runescape is level 126. It may take 1-3 years or even more to get to level 120. Damage Inc has 150+ members and they're average combat level is level 122+!!! All except maybe 3 other clans, No clans has a combat avergae of leve 115. Everyclan fear them, hence they are hated by many, and worshipped by even more. They'll beat the fuck out of any other clan in a clan War and its impossible for them to lose. They are all rich and they own the wilderness. Led by Ghjjf.
OMG Damage Inc is here, everybody run, log out, and teleport!!@@@
by Ca$he$ August 09, 2006
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