When you take a girl out but she doesn't want to call it a "date."
Allisa: No it was not a date!
David: of course it wasn't, it was a dait! :)
by DavidNguyen July 1, 2010
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A lil B**ch that should have never been born into this world and likes to make your life a living hell
She/he is such a lil DAIT I can't stand em
by Karma is a B**CH June 6, 2019
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South African slang for bread and/or devouring food.
Give me a piece of your dait!
Oi, I'm so hungry, let's go dait.
by Worthless Wisdom December 3, 2019
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When you’re a side chick and think your top shit but you have the mental capacity of a five year old
Me and mark are daiting you fat hoe
by Deadtingtammy July 21, 2019
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An overly elaborate phrase to put across the intention to take it outside and beat the fuck out of each other.
Dr Phil: "gurl, were you held back in school? Did you make it to 5th grade?"

Girl: "wherre the car at, I got mah keys. Not mah fault he had em layin around, he had it coming. You want your car back, catch me outside, how bou' dait!"

(Dr Phil retreats into his seat).
by zTaiga February 3, 2017
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