2 definitions by zTaiga

The race of the superior being and the colour of ultimate supremacy in all things. For example: Black belt, Black Friday, Usain Bolt.
"Hey man, why'd you paint your computer black?"

"So it'd run faster c'mon small son get with it."
by zTaiga February 2, 2017
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An overly elaborate phrase to put across the intention to take it outside and beat the fuck out of each other.
Dr Phil: "gurl, were you held back in school? Did you make it to 5th grade?"

Girl: "wherre the car at, I got mah keys. Not mah fault he had em layin around, he had it coming. You want your car back, catch me outside, how bou' dait!"

(Dr Phil retreats into his seat).
by zTaiga February 2, 2017
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