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A female who is sort of trashy.

the kind of girl who would make a
loud juicy stinky queef then roll up the windows
and laugh about it

the kind of girl who stirs the kool aid with her fist, licks mayonnaise off her spoon straight out of the jar, and might possibly put sour cream in the guacamole to make it 'creamier'
That girl looks like a Dairy Queef, maybe you should go hit on someone else.

That girl should be 'DQ'd' for looking like a "Dairy Queef"

"Did that nasty moist queef sound come from that nasty trashy girl over there?"

"Yeah, that Dairy Queef over there did it"

by fresh margarita December 05, 2010
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The act of eating a lot of dairy and have insane diarrhea while at the same time queefing. Can also happen during intercourse.
Hey Kate, so I was just in the bathroom having a dairy queef thinking about you.
by Dairy_Queef October 22, 2015
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