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An awesome person who spreads happiness to others around them. They can often be quiet, but they still love to talk. Has great taste in music. Loves to dance even though they cant to save their life. Short people are usually jealous, and shun them from their "little" groups. Has enormous hands and feet. Has a thing for tall people of the opposite sex, while almost anyone of the opposite sex has a thing for them. A complete show-stopper.
Wow that girl is so Dailyn, I can't take my eyes away from her.

Wow, they are really tall... It's like a bunch of Dailyn's.
by DaVae February 08, 2010
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1. Noun - An expatriate Cuban.

2. Verb - To execute a pratfall in public.

3. Adjective - Averse to shameless self-promotion.
1. Florida has a significant Dailyn population.

2. I Dailyn'd while I was walking to the bus stop today.

3. I had to write this definition because somebody else was too damn Dailyn to do it for themselves.
by The Magnanimous Haberdasher February 04, 2010
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