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Where horny teens go after they are sick of youtube.
Fuck that girl on girl vid was hot, I wish I could see more. I know, I'll go watch naked ones at Dailymotion.
by BfoBarney March 07, 2012
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Similar to You Tube, Dailymotion is another site where you can upload and view thousands of short films, segments from TV and movies, music videos and home video and webcam footage of everyday people. The difference is, Dailymotion is uncensored... which means naughty 'adults only' footage can be viewed as well.
Person 1: Hey, that webcam footage of the hot chick stripping has been removed from YouTube! No fair!

Person 2: Don't worry about it. Dailymotion has the same clip and many more for your enjoyment.
by Scod Brennan March 22, 2007
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