Dahoodian is those weird Roblox players on the game "Da Hood", they sweat so hard when theres a female watching then proceeds to spam "L" "Ez", when they beat you to impress their little e-thot.
by Hwang Ye-ji January 5, 2022
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A dahoodian is likely a fat stinky male ages 11-17 who play dahood all day everyday while eating doritos and a pepsi. They will constantly target you if you look at their so called "girlfriends" They get no action irl and use discord to hide their true identity, i mean who really wants to look at a person built like a crabby patty. Usually they headless and package abuse or silent lock/exploit. They say the words "ez" , "get good" "ur ssa" "bad" "sit" "n word" etc. If you see anyone like this, seek shelter and spray febreze or deodorant, that is their weakness.
person1: Let's play 2 player obby.
person2: Nah, let's duo raid as tiny people in da hood.

person1: ugh, you're such a dahoodian.
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People who sweat on a game and continue to spam phrases such as “ez” “dog” “light work” “bad” “mad” “aim” to intentionally get you mad but fail because they’re a bunch of losers. Also a try hard robanger
This dahoodian and his pick me keep chasing me because I punched the pick me once.
by user55533321 December 3, 2021
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A dahoodian is normally someone to the ages 9-17 that play the game ''Da Hood'' on roblox and pulls no bitches irl because all their fat asses can do is say ''ez'' or ''bet'' when you kill them, or when they kill you. They normally take a shower once a week and have a pick me (maximum 7 pick mes) with them. If you see one, avoid at ALL COST.
A : Hey I heard you play Roblox, what's your favourite game on it?

B : Yeah I do, It's Da Hood

A : Ew you're such a Dahoodian, go put some deodorant on you sweaty creature.
by sharky5503 April 6, 2023
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A person who does not go outside, nor shower. Plays a game called Roblox. Weighs over 150 lbs at the age of 14.
"Hey bro! Did you hear about that kid?" "Yeah bruh, I heard he's a Dahoodian."
by Urban Dictionarу October 4, 2022
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Dahoodian is probably a 12 year old who listens to yeat and summrs and chase you around then proceed to kill you to impress there pick me e-kitten on discord in all these annoying motherfuckers should get out the house instead of trying to macro on a Chromebook.
I don't like Dahoodian males who are secretly gay but act homophobic
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