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An Australian food, quite tasty too. Basically a sausage in a stick fried in batter. Sometimes called a Pluto Pup, it's very common at Australian festivals, fairs, expos and sporting events.

Also known as a corn dog in America.
Brett and Lucas ate Dagwood Dogs and hamburgers at the Brisbane Ekka.
by darkbayleef July 27, 2010
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Having sex with a female during the time she has her period, only finding when you pull out that you have blood all over ur dick, kind of reminiscent of a Dagwood Dog
"Dude, you do know she just had her period don't ya?", "Nah mate I didn't, but she gave me a dagwood dog tho
by Nutterpc November 13, 2004
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Before a man begins masturbating, he shits on his own hand then wanks with it. The shit is used as an alternate lubrication. Consuming the left over "lubrication" is optional.
"I was bored last Wednesday night, so I gave myself a dagwood dog then ate it"
by MB-Q1 October 11, 2006
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