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Daeyanna is a beautiful girl who has a funny personality and is an adorable goofball.Some boys notice her beauty but wont admit it most boys secretly crush on her.Daeyanna is the type of friend that will be ready for you when you need her .If she were yours she would make you feel happy and loved get yourself a daeyanna
Boy:I think you're beautiful
by Daeyanna April 06, 2018
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This is a girl who will always Improve your day. She will always be there for you. She's loving and will respect all.If your dating a Daeyanna your lucky. She usually plays hard to get so don't get too tricked.When she get her first kiss it's the greatest day for the couple, trust me I know
Boy:Wow look how much happier that boy is with Daeyanna

Girl:I know Daeyanna always helps a man mood
by This is a boy December 08, 2018
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