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He's a sweet charming guy who sticks for what's right! He loves humor, though he often does not show it. Though he may be weird... Super weird, he knows how to have a good time. Daegans are usually super hot! But he stays loyal if you are his girlfriend. Sometimes, he wants to make you jealous to see if you like him or not, and when he knows, he puts all of his attention on you!
Dawgan: oh my god I think I am in love with this girl

His friend: well, go see

Daegan: HOW?! oh... I know how

*Makes girl jelous*

Daegan: She loves me lol

His friend: Well ask her to the dance!!!
by Badboyfuntime March 10, 2018
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1:A communist.
2:Something insane that can't be described.

3:someone with the ability to mindfuck someone.
Joe:Wow, Stalin was a real Daegan was he not?
Victoria: Meow.

Victoria is the third example of daegan.
by Ushanka the Russian Hat January 03, 2011
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