Trying to tell daddy to chill is hard, We made this to help calm him down. hopefully
by Dereon Schmidman April 22, 2022
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meaning a funny way to tell someone to chill
bff: this guy likes u
Me: who
bff: nahh
bff: chill
Me: daddy chill 😂
by saddfri October 25, 2019
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Originally meant for Telling your dad, an older am or a friend named "Chill", to relax.
But then everybody started saying it for no reason.
Male In An annoying High Pitch Voice: DaDdy ChIlL
Other Person:* Annoyed Because because he literally says it for no reason other to be funny which hes not*.
by AQUALIME April 9, 2021
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something your girl says when you fucking her til she bleeds
daddy chill on my pussy
by 5L_GliZzOcK November 3, 2020
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