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1) Usually a playful reference to the king of those who have mastered the art of the mack
2) A reference to someone with sexual and flirtatious prowess
3) A smooth, jive-talking pimp daddy

Also a synonym for a Pimp Daddy, but not as bold.
Ex 1: "Man, dat fly booty is some of the flyest i ear' seen know'mean? Ohh, daaaaamn, shes wit Darell (a fly supa-jive cat). Dat niggas da straight DADDY MAC. Ta DAAAAMN."
Ex 2: "Man LeSean got some Daddy Mac Skills and I aint talkin bout McDonalds! Know'm mean??! fo sho."
Ex 3: "Man, Dikembe got dat bitch in check. Hes a straight Daddy Mac."
by B. Shamsi The Daddy Mac March 07, 2004
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