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Technically, a baseball cap that is curved at the brim and fits well to the head. To look deeper, the most important and profound item one can possess to become a dad. When one fully embraces the dad hat, one has become a true dad to all.
Ex 1. "What a dad," he said to to the young lad wearing the pink pineapple Fresh Elite dad hat.
Ex 2. "You're looking like a real dad, Bryson"
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by 21108fyr April 22, 2018
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A hat that your dad wears at a barbeque even tho he doesn't know how to barbeque, an old baseball cal
"Dude that's a dad hat, where's your {snapback}?" "what are you taking about? My grandma gave me this!"
by elmilgil May 06, 2016
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A hat that is curved and is usually a baseball cap.
"You see that dad hat, that looks ugly"
by Otis Jay August 10, 2016
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The kind of hat that you see in a crowd and think... is that guy going fishing?
dad hat is trash
Guy 1: I went fishing last week, and you wouldn't believe the number of dad hats that I saw there
Guy 2: If those hats would all burn I wouldn't be sad
by Reapy Boi June 06, 2017
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