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A friend similar to the mom friend. A dad friend is typically more fun and gives meaningful advice in most situations. Won't always be the nicest, but is still a friend that cares deeply about you.
Dillon really is a dad friend, even if him and the mom friend don't get along.
by 7SquidsInACoat March 30, 2017
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a friend/other persons dad that you enjoy bonding with.
chaylor's dad is my dad friend, we enjoy watching
foot tenis over the weekends.
by carly$$$ October 18, 2007
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A dadfriend is when you see an older man with a hot young chick, and they are dating or attached to each other.
He is too old for her to be her boyfriend. He's gotta be her dadfriend.
by juliush6969 February 23, 2011
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