long glass piece, pointy end to stick to concetrates, you then touch it to a heated nail or skillet while you suck the bong to get the smoke (:
"Get some oil on that dabber"
"Gimme that dabber, i wanna take a huge rip"

"Get me a dabber and a skillet or nail,
or a mic, cause im a rapper who can kill it as well"

- Task & Linus
by Gen3sy5 August 14, 2011
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A professional that fixes errors in photos, video, and film. Dabbing can be used as a verb or a noun and has future, present, and past tense. Dabbers are renowned in the commercial industry for their ability to completely fix footage that would normally require a re-shoot.

Noun: Dabber
Verb: dabbing
future: will dab
present: dabbing

past: dabbed

There are various skill levels of dabber's which get classified as MD, JD, and ND. MD is Master Dabber also sometimes referred to as Magical Dabber. JD is a junior dabber. ND is a novice dabber.

The art of dabbing is relatively new but already major studios are clamoring to get a dabbing suite up and running for their clients. With a dabbing professional under your roof the possibilities are endless.
The commercial we just shot has the wrong logo on the product! We will have to use a dabber to change it to the right one.

Wow that Dabber really dabbed the shit out of that dabbing nightmare.
by dabb mistress September 27, 2012
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The act of smoking butane-honey oil or "Dab"
Spark up that torch, Johnny! Let's get some dabbers goin!
by dude i love dabbers July 17, 2013
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DABBER is the name is a video game created by Sour Games.
DABBER is an acronym that stands for Draw A Ball BER.
It is the name is the DABBER species creation laboratory.
DABBER will be released in 2025.
DABBER is my favorite game.
Let's play DABBER!
by Sour Games December 26, 2018
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“Initially a commercial for the Danon brands ‘Dole Dipper’ product, it has since been modified to represent those who have gone completely off the rails or absolutely bonkers do to the overuse of a THC pen apparatus.”
Man Michael such a dole dabber he can’t even speak English
by Barnman April 5, 2019
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When u have to poop so bad that a little comes out on your underwear
I tried to hold my poop but a brown dabber happened
by Jonniecam August 5, 2016
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a male who uses one square of toilet paper to wipe off his driblets after he pees.
Bro 1: "Yo Matt dabs his dick after he pees"
Bro 2:"You mean he's a dick-dabber"
Bro 1:"Yea what a fucking pussy"
by Dawg1212 September 8, 2010
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