a girl who is stuck -up and comes off as a complete and utter bitch.
friend #1: who was that?
friend #2: O you know. Da Bitch.
by joshua123456789 November 08, 2011
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All of the bitches you hate. Bitches include anyone who whines, giggles or talks obnociously or does anything that pisses you off.
"Man, you know who I fuckin' hate?"
"Da bitches"
by cumcumberhog May 23, 2009
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girls who break up with you after getting caught cheating u bitchs
u is da bitchs
by da bitchs April 24, 2019
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When there is a Bitch in a group of people, you know she is there, and proceed to out smart her in a more subtle and discreet manner. You gather all the information about her that you can dig up and then use the info against her.....in a way that she never knew what hit her. She is still scratching her head and wondering what happened as she is utterly destroyed. It takes a Bitch to spot a Bitch.
"I am sick of listening to that Bitch. I can't believe no one see's how fake she is! I'm going to have to Out-Bitch-da-Bitch!"
by Preachers Daughter June 16, 2016
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Sentence used when talkin' to a homie to tell u wanna talk about girl friends or biatches from a party the day before or bitches in general
Ookay back to da bitches, u remember that bia from last night?
by BacardiDreamZzz April 25, 2005
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A phrase that is the shortened version of "What the Fuck Bitch?" Which is usually used in a stressful or confusing situation.
Donna - Im taking the car and the kids and your money.

Eric - Da Fuck Bitch?
by HateFilledRage January 17, 2011
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A Woman Who's Swagg Is Official.

Trina Is Dubbed Da Baddest Bitch
Allanah is da baddest bitch i've seen so far, i mean look at the way she do her
by KookyCraze May 28, 2009
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