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standing for "down to kill" often followed by LAMF(like a mother fucker) or by TTH(to the heart) originated as a gang tag but now mostly used by old punks and skaters
by future zombie September 29, 2009
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Short for Death the Kid, a character off of the anime series Soul Eater. "DtK" is commonly used in chat rooms.
Frank: Hey, did you see that episode where DtK was introduced?
Harry: Yeah, he kicked Soul and Black Star's ASS!
by OtakuSheriff November 20, 2010
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DTK- don't talk kak. An expression of disbelieve in something. The meaning of kak on its own:- a word describing something shitty or not nice.
E.g. John:I can fly. Me:DTK! No one can fly.
by lindelz June 15, 2011
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Dirty Trick Kids - a graffiti crew from oklahoma/texas area. Originated around the year 2000.
"mang, did you see that mad tight dTk bomb on the overpass on I-35 outside Dallas?"
by hazey.D January 20, 2008
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Don't tell Kelly.
I've got a great idea for a short-run Vampire game, but I only want people who are going to enjoy themselves and not start a bunch of drama. Better put a DTK on it!
by Etre Dieu December 17, 2008
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