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Kempsey is a village in Worcester.
Kempsey is from ‘kempsy eye’ and the ‘kempsy’ island.
Home town to people like G0LDMAN and mc burfz.

Kempsey is worth around £7.50
Kempsey is located in Worcester which is apparently one of the safest cities in England!
Post code: WR5
Friend: yo where you from g
You: oh, kempsey enit

Friend: we need to link
You: yeah bet
by Kempsey ends December 10, 2019
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I am a melomaniac.
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a complete shit hole town full of druggies. by the age of 16 you’re either a school dropout or preggaz, or both.
“kempsey is fucked cunt
by dazza frasionold September 26, 2019
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