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Dying The Fuck Laughing

(DMV Lingo)
Friend 1: I told him what happened today at school and he was DTFL!
Friend 2: Wtf is DTFL???
Friend 1: Bro! It means Dying The Fuck Laughing!
Friend 2: That makes no sense.
Friend 1: That's the DMV lingo for you like shit.
by ThatOneKidd March 02, 2013
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Her: bruh tori's "boyfrind" jus tried to go smack
Friend: dtfl he a hoe !!
by imhipbruh April 14, 2018
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Dirty thing for life.
When you aren't sure what it is, no need to get specific with DGFL or DBFL...

Call it what it is: DTFL
Person 1: "Did you hear what she did?"
Person2: "Yeah... talk about a dgfl."
Person 3: "Heck no. That chick is straight up dtfl. No dgfl would be caught dead in that crap."
by jsizzlin November 23, 2009
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