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Douche-canoe Twatwaffle Fucktarded Cuntholio.

Popular humor and mommy blogger Hot Mess Mom uses the term DTFC to describe internet trolls and other unsavory sorts.
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a pair of huge DTFC's.

No, you can't pay me for pictures of my feet, you DTFC.

Oh, you don't like me? Shucks. DTFC.
by Hawtan Messy November 07, 2013
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DTFC stands for Down To Fuck Crew. Also known as Destroying The Floor Crew, due to their excessive two-stepping and hardcore dance moves. Originated in Illinois, this crew is made up of "bros" who are mostly in or have been in a hardcore band. They think they're badass, but they are just a pussy version of FSU.
Hey man, you going to the Morella show tonight?
Yeah dude, hear it's gonna be sick!
Yeah bro, DTFC's gonna tear that shit up!
by xyourxscenexsucksx March 01, 2009
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Down to f***ing cuddle
Someone who say's dtf in a inappropriate situation then adds the letter C at the end to cover.

On the phone:

Boy: DTFC?

Girl: Always
by Huntsvegas February 18, 2010
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