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DTFAS stands for "Down To Fuck A Sausage" brought to us by the film Sausage Party
Hey bun, are you DTFAS?
by Superpete August 29, 2016
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abbreviation for
"Down to fuck around"

not as severe as dtf

also another way to say horny :)
She was dtfa, and he didn't mind.
by hottiepants mcgee April 19, 2008
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Down to fall asleep.
- You wanna come back to my place?"
- "No I'm DTFA tonight"

Just saw my bed and turns out I'm DTFA tonight.

Why be DTF when you can be DTFA?
by Asdgdf November 01, 2012
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Damn look at that girl, she's wearing white pants. I bet she's dtfa.
by J9876 May 24, 2018
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