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DMSO, Don't Start Me Off
Crap "satirical" website run by a couple of 14 year old geeks who post under name like Honest George and Ricardo who, send hours posting inane and unfunny crap then fall about in hysterics laughing at their own jokes. Try to register on this site and see how long before you suddenly get deleted
willy digits Super-Gold Commenter (26/10/10 17:23)
I went without wanking for almost a week once, just as a test of mental strength and willpower. When I finally shot my bolt, I ejaculated so furiously that the spaff arched through the air and hit me square in the face. Any sense of pride that I had achieved through my abstinence quickly evaporated when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror with jizzum hanging off the end of my nose. I certainly won't be doing that again.
by Lady Gardinia V October 26, 2010
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