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An informal Noun and Adjective deviating from the Hip Hop collective known as The DRODIANS. In it's singular form it's used synonymously with anything good, positive, and likable at a higher standard.

Drodian is also a trademark brand, which supports the DRODIANS motto of positivity, enlightenment, and talent. These shirts are worn by Drodian supporters known as the Drodian Nation.

" that's Drodian"

a person accomplishes something amazing, and to explain their greatness they simply say..."Drodian"
(synonymous with:vwala, awesome, cool)

"Keep it Drodian"

"I'm so Drodian I left work early because I'm THAT good at my job"

"I'm so Drodian, i'm like Seattle rain, falling on Kurt Cobain, while he snorts cocaine" - (Drodian Artist)

A rich man robs a poor man of all his money..."That's NOT Drodian"
A Police Officer shoots and kills a non-threatening unarmed man/woman..."That's NOT Drodian"
When someone takes a dump in your bathroom, but doesn't flush..."That's NOT Drodian"
A music promoter that scams starving artists out of their hard earned money..."That's NOT Drodian"
A person is disliked solely due to their ethnicity..."That's NOT Drodian"
When someone eats your left overs that you have been thinking about all day..."That's NOT Drodian"
A Man that brutally beats a woman..."That's NOT Drodian"
A guy that secretly has sex with his best friends wife without telling him..."That's NOT Drodian"
When you lend someone money and they don't pay you back..."That's NOT Drodian"
Anything socially fucked up is NOT Drodian.
by DRODIANS June 25, 2018
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Drodians are a growing roster of unique Recording Artists, Beat Producers, Rappers, Singers, Actors, and talented self sufficient individuals that possess characteristics revolving around the word dopeness". A Drodian spreads positivity and enlightenment where there is much negativity in the world.

Drodians are very unique and and if any, would be comparable to groups such as Wu-Tang, Cash Money, D12, and/or any influential Hip Hop group that encompass various likable personalities stacked with talent. The only difference is that it is not all Hip Hop.

The Drodian roster, and everything Drodian related can be found on the DRODIAN TV smart phone App, and the website:

Drodian can be used
"I love the Drodians because they make awesome music"

"There are a lot of Drodians in the building right now!"

"The Drodian TV app was created for the world to follow and understand what the DRODIANS bring to the genre of Hip Hop, and music as a whole."

"I want to be a "DRODIAN!"
by DRODIANS June 25, 2018
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