Another name for Air Force One Nikes used primarily in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Man did you get those new Dookies at Foot Locker?
by Rob in the A March 31, 2006
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An Internet Meme Consisting of A Man Holding one hand on his head and one on his leg while making a funny face saying the phrase “dookie dookie”, made in 2020.
by blæ May 05, 2021
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Feces ; poop ; shit

Food that passes through the digestive system then is forced out of the anus.
I ruined my new Nikes when I stepped in a fresh pile of dog dooky.
by Dark Arsonist January 14, 2005
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Midwest term refering only to Nike Air Force One brand street shoes.
"You can wear a pair of new white dookies with almost with anything".
by Xavier Mcfadden March 06, 2006
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brown pasty substance from one's asshole.
I shit out dookie.
Dookie comes out my butt.
Dookie smells bad.
My dog makes orange dookie.
Shut-up dookie-head.
by soul October 30, 2004
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